We Believe

What makes WhiteStone Publishing distinct? We only publish books by Apostolic authors. Our authors espouse the following seven doctrinal points:

  1. We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God and the ultimate authority in all matters of faith, salvation, and doctrine.
  2. We believe in the Oneness of God (holding to the biblical view as opposed to the Trinitarian definition of God).
  3. We believe in the essentiality of the New Birth, and that the New Birth requires, in addition to initial faith and repentance, birth of water (water baptism) and birth of the Spirit (Holy Ghost baptism).
  4. We believe that water baptism should be administered with a Jesus-name formula instead of the three-title Trinitarian formula.
  5. We believe in speaking with tongues as the initial, physical sign of the baptism of the Spirit in New Covenant believers.
  6. We believe in the essentiality of sanctification, i.e. the believer’s continual pursuit of personal holiness (inwardly and outwardly) including prayer and devotion, moral lifestyle and pure outward conduct (including dressing with modesty & gender distinction) and decent speech, etc.
  7. We believe an essentially “futurist” view regarding end-time prophecies (i.e. we are not Preterists, i.e. we do not believe that all prophecies have already been fulfilled). We believe in a future, literal Rapture of the Church. This position also presumes the belief in the literal, physical, future return of Jesus Christ to earth, to set up His kingdom and to usher in an era of peace before the time of final judgment.

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