Scapegoat: The Persecuted Jew

By Dr. Wesley G. Shaw  

Cover: Scapegoat: The Persecuted Jew

Number of Pages: 149

Publication Date: September 16, 2013

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Editorial Reviews

Cover Great resource!

“Dr. Shaw in his acclaimed writings on Israel and the Jew gives us a comprehensive and an in-depth look into the areas of ancient and modern Judaism that provide for us a great resource with which to add to our study and research. Having Dr. Shaw and his wife, Esther, travel to the Land of the Bible with us I have been able to witness up close and personal his love for the Jewish people and his understanding of the challenges they face. Dr. Shaw goes to great length to share with us the subject of anti-Semitism using as a spotlight the word of God to bring balance to this delicate subject. Dr. Shaw takes you from the introduction and history of anti-Semitism including the timeline of the misery the Jews and the Jewish nation have endured throughout the centuries until he catalogs his own experience you will find an informative narrative as well as an intriguing read!”
— Rev. Dr. David M. Hudson
Superintendent, WV District, United Pentecostal Church International

Cover Compelling and scholarly!

“Throughout time, the Voice of God has cried out to those like the Jeremiahs, the Joels and the Ezekiels... ‘Watchman, what of the night?’ In those darkest of moments the prophets have set the trumpet to their mouth to declare the warning sound of alarm to those in danger. So has Dr. Shaw, in this compelling and scholarly work, given a clear, concise, clarion sound of alarm to warn of one of the greatest of evils—anti-Semitism! As the words of these pages grip your heart, you too will feel the need to sound an alarm to your surrounding world politically, religiously and in community: Never Again!”
— Rev. David J. Sagil
Director, Ministry Of Jewish Relations, affiliated with Multi-Cultural Ministries, United Pentecostal Church International


After millennia of hatred and prejudice, recent evidence shows a clever twist in the perpetuation of evil; a new “face” has been donned by those striving against their fellow man. Eye-opening and shocking, this needful book is now more pertinent than ever. Dr. Shaw illuminates the history, causes, and remedies for the societal cancer known as anti-Semitism. No matter where on the spectrum you are, whether expert or newcomer, you will be blessed, educated, and inspired by this groundbreaking tome. Society owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. Shaw for this excellent work.

Note: This is a newly revised, updated edition that includes a new chapter not previously published.

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