Tesseract (Skyport Chronicles, Book #2)

By Doug Joseph  

Cover: Tesseract (Skyport Chronicles, Book #2)

Number of Pages: 184

Number of Illustrations: 8

Publication Date: December 12, 2013

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Editorial Reviews

CoverPraise for Tesseract

"...Sequel to New Immortal...will delight young adult readers. Combining other-worldly time travel with divine revelation.... caters to both faith and the imagination, taking salvation into the future and into the stars."
— Elizabeth Breau
ForeWord Reviews

CoverFrom the Author

What might await us in the endless future beyond the Millennial Kingdom age? Past the great white throne on Judgment Day? Could God have created many different peoples on other worlds? Might He have created other universes or inhabited dimensions entirely disconnected from this one? If so, the future could be very interesting indeed. This is a thought-provoking look at some of the limitless possibilities.
— Doug Joseph


Tess is smart, courageous, and beautiful, yet she has suffered a terrible tragedy. Daniel, her childhood sweetheart, strives to help her overcome it. Meanwhile, in another space-time, a moon world called Sset is home to the Corlan, a sinless race blessed with genetic memory. Not a single Corlan has ever died … yet. Eventually, Tess and Daniel are miraculously called to Sset when a terrible evil blights the moon world’s surface and threatens to wipe out the Corlan. Their destiny seems overwhelming. Will they be able to spare the Corlan species from extinction? Discover what true love really means and find out what even one person can do, when they have a little help from above. Teleport with Tess and Daniel to a place beyond time, space, & imagination. Tesseract will transform you in mind-stretching ways.

YA & Up | Fiction, Christian, Futuristic | Sci-Fi | Adventure | Adventure

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Doug Joseph is a Christian husband, father, pastor, teacher, and author. Doug, his wife, LaDonna, and their family of four children enjoy living in beautiful West Virginia, which has the best curves in the world for motorcycling with friends, and Doug has been known to go white-water rafting in the world-class rapids of the Mountain State. He has authored both fiction & nonfiction. His nonfiction works include "The Life & Ministry of Billy & Shirley Cole" (2007), an official memoir of two great heroes of the faith, and "The Book of Salvation" (2010), a soulwinning tool made for bikers. His works of fiction comprise the ongoing "Skyport Chronicles" (formerly published under the name "Millennial Teleport" series) consisting of "New Immortal" (2009/2013), "Tesseract" (2010/2013), and "The Last Bye" (2011/2013). He is currently writing the fourth installment in the series. Doug is also the radio host for "Voice of Truth," which is heard weekly across north-central West Virginia on News-Talk WAJR, 103.3 FM. He blogs at www.DougJoseph.net

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Reader Reviews

 Fast Paced World of Could Be

By A Jane H (WV)

I have just finished reading "Tesseract," Book Two of the New Millennial Trilogy by author Doug Joseph. "Tesseract" is a Christian novel written with a dual story line and refers not only back to the early history of the characters in Book One, "New IMmortal" to lay a foundation for the complete story but also projects the reader 1000 years ahead and beyond to the beginning of the time after the Great Judgment Day. Written from an active imagination yet tempered with actual Scriptural references and the author's insight as a pastor and preacher of the Gospel, this book throws in surprise elements that left this reader anxiously awaiting Mr. Joseph's completion of Book Three of the series. "Tesseract" will make an entertaining and thought provoking addition to the library of anyone who enjoys fantasy coupled with a high moral standing. It can be done.

 A Whole New World!

By MaryB (Charleston, WV)

Tesseract, by Doug Joseph, left me with a feeling of peace, like everything on earth will be okay. This story carried the characters I came to know in new IMmortal, Daniel and Tess, into another dimension, weaving their lives in and out, busy doing the work of the Lord, all the while wondering how Tess could ever become a mom, after her tragic accident. I love how the author can plant seeds of wonder in my thoughts only to bring it altogether in the end. He keeps me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait for book 3!

 Couldn't put it down!

By Fred Beall (Myrtle Beach, SC)

I received the new novel by Doug Joseph, "Tesseract", at 9:30 pm, and I read until finished at 2:30! Couldn't put it down! Go order a copy...It's a fun read!

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