The Last Bye (Skyport Chronicles, Book #3)

By Doug Joseph  

Cover: The Last Bye (Skyport Chronicles, Book #3)

Number of Pages: 194

Publication Date: December 14, 2013

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Editorial Reviews

CoverPraise for The Last Bye

I got the Millennial Teleport Trilogy for Christmas, and I just finished reading "The Last Bye" to the children. They are very upset that there are no more in this series. These books are wonderful -- even better than "A Horse and His Boy!"
— Christina Li
BA, MA, author, journalist, inspirational speaker


If you loved “The Chronicles of Narnia” series by C.S. Lewis, then you are sure to enjoy Doug Joseph’s “The Last Bye.” This fun, exciting, and heart-warming tale is a stand-alone read. Yet it is also the much-anticipated conclusion to the amazing, uplifting story arc that began with Tess and Daniel in “New Immortal” and “Tesseract” (Books I & II). In this thrilling episode, everything hinges on their alienated-yet-adventurous son, P’erry. While growing up on a distant moon-world, called Sset, P’erry suffers heartache, makes friends, discovers the Tirra (great flying creatures), has breath-taking adventures, and achieves phenomenal, crucial accomplishments for the people of his world.

YA and Up | Fiction, Christian, Futuristic | Science-Fiction | Adventure

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Doug Joseph is a Christian husband, father, pastor, teacher, and author. Doug, his wife, LaDonna, and their family of four children enjoy living in beautiful West Virginia, which has the best curves in the world for motorcycling with friends, and Doug has been known to go white-water rafting in the world-class rapids of the Mountain State. He has authored both fiction & nonfiction. His nonfiction works include "The Life & Ministry of Billy & Shirley Cole" (2007), an official memoir of two great heroes of the faith, and "The Book of Salvation" (2010), a soulwinning tool made for bikers. His works of fiction comprise the ongoing "Skyport Chronicles" (formerly published under the name "Millennial Teleport" series) consisting of "New Immortal" (2009/2013), "Tesseract" (2010/2013), and "The Last Bye" (2011/2013). He is currently writing the fourth installment in the series. Doug is also the radio host for "Voice of Truth," which is heard weekly across north-central West Virginia on News-Talk WAJR, 103.3 FM. He blogs at

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Reader Reviews

 Highly recommend... want more!

By Christina Li (Chicago, IL)

I read this book to my children and they would barely let me stop to put them to bed at night! They begged me to read it to them during the day as well. This book is entertaining for adults also. I wanted to see what happened next just as much as my children! I highly recommend this book and the entire series. It's Biblical, exciting, fun, and makes you think. The author is not preachy at all, but deals with various issues in a matter-of-fact way that doesn't contradict the Bible. We all loved it! In fact, the children and I want more from this series! Maybe a book four...? :)

 Intriguing and Heartwarming


I was looking forward to the conclusion of the story of Daniel and Tess and was not at all disappointed. There is a touch of science fiction in this interesting look at the type of adventures that might possibly be in the future of Christians after judgment day. It was easy to identify with the characters and their struggles. Even if you have not read the first two books of the trilogy (New Immortal: Book 1 and Tesseract: Book 2), this one will make sense on its own. However, I would recommend reading them in order. What a wonderful story!

 I Now Have The 3 Book Set

By Michael Theodore (Warren, OH)

Just kept me so glued to the pages. Doug Joseph is such a great writer. He keeps you in your seat. You can't put the books down. Keep them coming! Looking forward to your next book.

 Has a Narnia like zing to it. Will make you laugh, then cry!

By AS (WV)

The protagonist, P'erry, is befriended by a huge flying creature named J'etsu. Their friendship is predicated on forgiveness, because, early on, P'erry had thrown a rock from a cliff that nearly killed J'etsu. The flying species, called Tirra, are very intelligent and extremely perceptive. J'etsu's "accent" (if one can have an accent with mental telepathy) and sense of humor are so entertaining! He will make you laugh! Thoroughly enjoyable.


By Jim Curley (Ironton, Ohio)

Wow. Best of the series so far. This book is awesome. I highly recommend this set of books.

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