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“Honest, challenging, inspirational”

“Rob’s testimony is both inspirational and amazing, yet it reveals honest confessions because the miracle did not nullify all of the ripple effects of the catastrophe. A lot of personal growth was called for, and the same God who gave life again, gave the personal growth needed to accept it. This book is short but powerful. A must-read!”
— Doug Joseph, Bestselling Author of the Skyport Chronicles


Rob Colombo’s true story is amazing, yet it’s more than that. Like other miracle testimonies, his is not a clean-cut account, yet it is powerful and challenging. As does the biblical Book of Job, beyond relaying the miraculous events, illuminating visions, and spiritual perceptions that he experienced, through both prose and poetry, Rob reveals visceral longterm effects of tragedy upon one’s life and faith, and probes intense questions of the meaning and purpose of existence.


Rob Colombo is a living witness to the miraculous. He survived and recovered from a crash with trauma so massive that every doctor said he would never make it. He resides in scenic Clarksburg, West Virginia, which is nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


ISBN-10: 1628830158
ISBN-13: 978-1628830156
Release Date: July 24, 2017
Publisher: WhiteStone Publishing

Walking Each Other Home


No one ever promised this journey we call “life” would be an easy one, but you are not alone. Walking Each Other Home is a collection of stories about the things we all face on this road of life—the good, the bad, the dreams, the failures. Filled with stories of life experiences, this book reminds us that even in the hardest times, there is always hope. No matter where you are on your journey, you will find something to relate to in this heartwarming, honest, and encouraging book. You can find hope, help, and joy in the journey. Take some time from the chaos of your day and come along. We are just Walking Each Other Home.

Traveling The World With My Two Best Friends


Admire timeless treasures, savor faraway flavors, capture aromas from luscious lands, and trace ancient architecture from distant dominions, all via these true life records of anointed author and dedicated gospel minister, Bishop David M. Hudson. He, along with two travel companions, his beautiful bride, Brenda, and the Lord Jesus Christ, have experienced adventures that await you in these powerful pages. Accept the challenge. Step onto a path of journeys!

Child of Destiny: The Edwin Harper Story


Excerpt: A policeman stopped by one evening and asked if I would go with him. They had a bad situation in a motel across town. A man was holding another man at gunpoint, threatening to kill him over a woman, and promising to take his own life. He had asked for a minister. When I arrived, Bob told the man that he had a preacher.

The man shouted out, “I want to hear him talk.” I told him who I was. He said that just last month he had come and heard me preach. After courteous exchanges, I said that I needed to come inside the room to talk to him. I walked in without his answer.

There he stood, holding a large-caliber revolver up to the side of this man’s head. I called him by name and walked over to their sides. The man in the chair was trembling, and with a quivering voice he told me that he didn’t want to die. The man with the gun reassured me that he was going to blow the man’s brains out and then kill himself.

I calmly said, “Well, if you’re going to die, let me pray for you both before it’s over.” I asked for God’s mercy and told the Lord to be kind when He dealt with their wretched souls, and that I didn’t want to see them go to hell. I never closed my eyes. I literally was watching and praying—with good cause. In a moment, with both of them weeping, I reached out and took hold of the barrel of the gun, and I slowly pushed it to point toward the floor. I kept on praying in the Holy Ghost, and he released his hold on the pistol. When we walked out of the motel, the policeman, Bob, commented that I was either the craziest man that he knew or the bravest.

The Golden Treasure (Seahorse Stories) (Volume 2)


In the deep reef where the seaweed appears as leafy pastures of green, lives a sapphire-jeweled sea dragon called The Storyteller. “Hello, my name is Rawiya (raa-we-ya). I have many stories to tell—some of love, some of adventure, and some of learning life’s lessons to live better in this world. Many questions are asked of me. One of the biggest is how to deal with the challenge of change. That brings me to the story of a seahorse that just moved into the reef. He got a new start, a new home, and a new school after having a big adventure of seeking a place to belong. Change is difficult. Sometimes life seems to have no stability. It causes growing pains. Just because you are different than the rest, and some people aren’t nice or helpful, or they try to make you feel so small, doesn’t mean you aren’t wonderful. There is still hope to persevere to your destiny. Trials are part of the growing experience that stretches us further to live a better life.”

Josiah’s Gift now available in paperback and ebook (Kindle)


Josiah’s Gift, the newest release from WhiteStone Publishing, is now available in print (paperback edition available here and here) and ebook (Kindle) edition (available here). Rave reviews are coming in. The Kindle platform offers readability on a wide variety of mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

Josiah’s Gift: A heartfelt true story about ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances


Live, laugh, want, and weep with a young couple in their endearing true story about their journey of daunting choices and heartfelt decisions that eventually led to both misery and a miracle. In her powerful debut title, Sara McLeod masterfully touches heartstrings, evoking both laughter and tears, as she bestows dignity and hope to everyone who has ever bucked the societal norm to do what they felt in their heart to be right. While navigating an emotional minefield (and even a literal one as well!) David and Sara encounter unexpected twists of fate and, finally, an unimaginable capstone making this book one you simply must read.

Autobiography/Personal Memoirs | Faith 

Scapegoat: The Persecuted Jew


After millennia of hatred and prejudice, recent evidence shows a clever twist in the perpetuation of evil; a new “face” has been donned by those striving against their fellow man. Eye-opening and shocking, this needful book is now more pertinent than ever. Dr. Shaw illuminates the history, causes, and remedies for the societal cancer known as anti-Semitism. No matter where on the spectrum you are, whether expert or newcomer, you will be blessed, educated, and inspired by this groundbreaking tome. Society owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. Shaw for this excellent work.

Note: This is a newly revised, updated edition that includes a new chapter not previously published.

This book is part of the Winners Ministry library of resources. For event booking, orders, or more information, visit: or email Dr. Wesley G. Shaw at:

The Last Bye (Skyport Chronicles, Book #3)


If you loved “The Chronicles of Narnia” series by C.S. Lewis, then you are sure to enjoy Doug Joseph’s “The Last Bye.” This fun, exciting, and heart-warming tale is a stand-alone read. Yet it is also the much-anticipated conclusion to the amazing, uplifting story arc that began with Tess and Daniel in “New Immortal” and “Tesseract” (Books I & II). In this thrilling episode, everything hinges on their alienated-yet-adventurous son, P’erry. While growing up on a distant moon-world, called Sset, P’erry suffers heartache, makes friends, discovers the Tirra (great flying creatures), has breath-taking adventures, and achieves phenomenal, crucial accomplishments for the people of his world.

YA and Up | Fiction, Christian, Futuristic | Science-Fiction | Adventure

Tesseract (Skyport Chronicles, Book #2)


Tess is smart, courageous, and beautiful, yet she has suffered a terrible tragedy. Daniel, her childhood sweetheart, strives to help her overcome it. Meanwhile, in another space-time, a moon world called Sset is home to the Corlan, a sinless race blessed with genetic memory. Not a single Corlan has ever died … yet. Eventually, Tess and Daniel are miraculously called to Sset when a terrible evil blights the moon world’s surface and threatens to wipe out the Corlan. Their destiny seems overwhelming. Will they be able to spare the Corlan species from extinction? Discover what true love really means and find out what even one person can do, when they have a little help from above. Teleport with Tess and Daniel to a place beyond time, space, & imagination. Tesseract will transform you in mind-stretching ways.

YA & Up | Fiction, Christian, Futuristic | Sci-Fi | Adventure | Adventure