New Release: Unthinkable: True-Life Story of Rob Colombo

Front Cover: Unthinkable: True-Life Story of Rob Colombo


“Honest, challenging, inspirational”

“Rob’s testimony is both inspirational and amazing, yet it reveals honest confessions because the miracle did not nullify all of the ripple effects of the catastrophe. A lot of personal growth was called for, and the same God who gave life again, gave the personal growth needed to accept it. This book is short but powerful. A must-read!”
— Doug Joseph, Bestselling Author of the Skyport Chronicles


Rob Colombo’s true story is amazing, yet it’s more than that. Like other miracle testimonies, his is not a clean-cut account, yet it is powerful and challenging. As does the biblical Book of Job, beyond relaying the miraculous events, illuminating visions, and spiritual perceptions that he experienced, through both prose and poetry, Rob reveals visceral longterm effects of tragedy upon one’s life and faith, and probes intense questions of the meaning and purpose of existence.


Rob Colombo is a living witness to the miraculous. He survived and recovered from a crash with trauma so massive that every doctor said he would never make it. He resides in scenic Clarksburg, West Virginia, which is nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


ISBN-10: 1628830158
ISBN-13: 978-1628830156
Release Date: July 24, 2017
Publisher: WhiteStone Publishing

New release: Child of Destiny: The Edwin Harper Story

Child-of-Destiny_Cover_FRONT_ver-1D_800x1225“GREAT story. GREAT miracle.” —Jack Cunningham, Author, internationally known speaker, Lead Pastor of Bible World Church, Chesapeake, VA

“A fantastic spiritual journey….” —Daniel L. Scott Sr, Veteran missionary, multicultural evangelist, author, internationally known speaker

“Miraculous victories… spiritual significance….” —Doug White, Internationally known speaker, Bishop of Abundant Life of Silsbee, Texas

“Powerfully moving. Amazing beyond words….” —Doug Joseph, Bestselling author of The Skyport Chronicles, Lead Pastor of Christian Apostolic Church, Clarksburg, WV

Excerpt: A policeman stopped by one evening and asked if I would go with him. They had a bad situation in a motel across town. A man was holding another man at gunpoint, threatening to kill him over a woman, and promising to take his own life. He had asked for a minister. When I arrived, Bob told the man that he had a preacher.

The man shouted out, “I want to hear him talk.” I told him who I was. He said that just last month he had come and heard me preach. After courteous exchanges, I said that I needed to come inside the room to talk to him. I walked in without his answer.

There he stood, holding a large-caliber revolver up to the side of this man’s head. I called him by name and walked over to their sides. The man in the chair was trembling, and with a quivering voice he told me that he didn’t want to die. The man with the gun reassured me that he was going to blow the man’s brains out and then kill himself.

I calmly said, “Well, if you’re going to die, let me pray for you both before it’s over.” I asked for God’s mercy and told the Lord to be kind when He dealt with their wretched souls, and that I didn’t want to see them go to hell. I never closed my eyes. I literally was watching and praying—with good cause. In a moment, with both of them weeping, I reached out and took hold of the barrel of the gun, and I slowly pushed it to point toward the floor. I kept on praying in the Holy Ghost, and he released his hold on the pistol. When we walked out of the motel, the policeman, Bob, commented that I was either the craziest man that he knew or the bravest.

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Scapegoat: The Persecuted Jew


After millennia of hatred and prejudice, recent evidence shows a clever twist in the perpetuation of evil; a new “face” has been donned by those striving against their fellow man. Eye-opening and shocking, this needful book is now more pertinent than ever. Dr. Shaw illuminates the history, causes, and remedies for the societal cancer known as anti-Semitism. No matter where on the spectrum you are, whether expert or newcomer, you will be blessed, educated, and inspired by this groundbreaking tome. Society owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. Shaw for this excellent work.

Note: This is a newly revised, updated edition that includes a new chapter not previously published.

This book is part of the Winners Ministry library of resources. For event booking, orders, or more information, visit: or email Dr. Wesley G. Shaw at:

In Lieu of Flowers, God Gave Us a Miracle: The True-Life Story Of Zach Sandy


Each year on July 11, join in celebrating the anniversary of Zach Sandy’s miracle!

With high school behind us, this was supposed to be a last chance for summer fun with family and friends before heading into the real world of college and work. Tragedy never strikes us, always the Jones family down the street, right?

Brandon and I had just finished a basketball tournament, which we lost in an inglorious fashion, and we were sitting in the gym. His youth pastor ran up to him and said he had a call from his dad.

Brandon took the call and then looked at me and said, “Zach was struck by lightning.”

According to the light-hearted mood, I answered, “Well, good for him.”

The blood drained from his face as he replied, “No Zach was actually struck by lightning.” I ran outside and found my sister. We immediately began praying with a group of friends, and after that I made a few phone calls, asking friends to pray. I turned around and saw Brandon walking out into a field. With emotions running high, and my world falling apart, I followed him. We spent about 15 minutes with our faces in the grass travailing and pleading before God that he would perform a miracle….

—Samuel Vaughn (cousin to Zach and Brandon)

Coming Soon: In Lieu of Flowers, God Gave Us a Miracle!

In-Lieu-of-FLowers_Cover_FULL_ver-I_1575x2400Coming soon from WhiteStone Publishing: The true story of Zach Sandy being raised to life after a fatal lightning strike. Zach’s father has written the most powerful account of his experience of losing his youngest son (second of two boys) to a lightning strike, and then receiving his son back from the dead, after Zach was without breath or pulse for over half an hour. You’ll scarcely be able to believe it. The book is rounded out with an array of photos. From the harrowing events and the glorious miracle of renewed life to the challenges faced in recovery, your heart will be touched by this compelling story.


When Zach first awoke after the sedation wore off, one of the first things he did was reach for his father and say, “Pray.”

The author: Zach's Dad, aka Russell "Bud" Sandy

The author: Zach’s Dad, aka Russell “Bud” Sandy

The Life and Ministry of Billy and Shirley Cole


More people received the baptism of Holy Ghost under Billy Cole’s ministry than any other preacher or minister in the entire history of the Church. In the introduction, he recounts when God gave him faith to raise a woman from the dead, and how it happened. Billy Cole was one of the greatest men of God to live on this earth from the time of the Book of Acts until now. He was a chosen vessel of God, filled with faith, and mightily anointed. God used him to do amazing miracles. You will not be able to put this book down!