Available now: The Golden Treasure (Seahorse Stories) (Volume 2)


“The Golden Treasure, by J. David Bise, is an excellent children’s book, beautifully illustrated. It has a great moral to teach and provides just the right blend of excitement, wonder, intrigue, and the beauty of the undersea creations. The illustration panels are just begging to be turned around and shown to great big eyes wide with wonder.” —Doug Joseph, Bestselling author of the Skyport Chronicles

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The Golden Treasure (Seahorse Stories) (Volume 2)


In the deep reef where the seaweed appears as leafy pastures of green, lives a sapphire-jeweled sea dragon called The Storyteller. “Hello, my name is Rawiya (raa-we-ya). I have many stories to tell—some of love, some of adventure, and some of learning life’s lessons to live better in this world. Many questions are asked of me. One of the biggest is how to deal with the challenge of change. That brings me to the story of a seahorse that just moved into the reef. He got a new start, a new home, and a new school after having a big adventure of seeking a place to belong. Change is difficult. Sometimes life seems to have no stability. It causes growing pains. Just because you are different than the rest, and some people aren’t nice or helpful, or they try to make you feel so small, doesn’t mean you aren’t wonderful. There is still hope to persevere to your destiny. Trials are part of the growing experience that stretches us further to live a better life.”

Coming Soon: In Lieu of Flowers, God Gave Us a Miracle!

In-Lieu-of-FLowers_Cover_FULL_ver-I_1575x2400Coming soon from WhiteStone Publishing: The true story of Zach Sandy being raised to life after a fatal lightning strike. Zach’s father has written the most powerful account of his experience of losing his youngest son (second of two boys) to a lightning strike, and then receiving his son back from the dead, after Zach was without breath or pulse for over half an hour. You’ll scarcely be able to believe it. The book is rounded out with an array of photos. From the harrowing events and the glorious miracle of renewed life to the challenges faced in recovery, your heart will be touched by this compelling story.


When Zach first awoke after the sedation wore off, one of the first things he did was reach for his father and say, “Pray.”

The author: Zach's Dad, aka Russell "Bud" Sandy

The author: Zach’s Dad, aka Russell “Bud” Sandy

The Last Bye (Skyport Chronicles, Book #3)


If you loved “The Chronicles of Narnia” series by C.S. Lewis, then you are sure to enjoy Doug Joseph’s “The Last Bye.” This fun, exciting, and heart-warming tale is a stand-alone read. Yet it is also the much-anticipated conclusion to the amazing, uplifting story arc that began with Tess and Daniel in “New Immortal” and “Tesseract” (Books I & II). In this thrilling episode, everything hinges on their alienated-yet-adventurous son, P’erry. While growing up on a distant moon-world, called Sset, P’erry suffers heartache, makes friends, discovers the Tirra (great flying creatures), has breath-taking adventures, and achieves phenomenal, crucial accomplishments for the people of his world.

YA and Up | Fiction, Christian, Futuristic | Science-Fiction | Adventure

Tesseract (Skyport Chronicles, Book #2)


Tess is smart, courageous, and beautiful, yet she has suffered a terrible tragedy. Daniel, her childhood sweetheart, strives to help her overcome it. Meanwhile, in another space-time, a moon world called Sset is home to the Corlan, a sinless race blessed with genetic memory. Not a single Corlan has ever died … yet. Eventually, Tess and Daniel are miraculously called to Sset when a terrible evil blights the moon world’s surface and threatens to wipe out the Corlan. Their destiny seems overwhelming. Will they be able to spare the Corlan species from extinction? Discover what true love really means and find out what even one person can do, when they have a little help from above. Teleport with Tess and Daniel to a place beyond time, space, & imagination. Tesseract will transform you in mind-stretching ways.

YA & Up | Fiction, Christian, Futuristic | Sci-Fi | Adventure | Adventure

New Immortal (Skyport Chronicles, Book #1)


The prophecy foretold that the dragon’s imprisonment would last a thousand years. Now that age is ending, and the ultimate evil is rising. Daniel Talbot is one of many raptured believers serving in the royal court of Jesus during the prophesied Millennial Kingdom age. Daniel never expected to be part of a counter-espionage team, but he and his fellow immortals are called upon to use every skill they possess in the fight against evil. Mixing sci-fi with amazing prophecies from the Bible about the end-time, Doug Joseph takes readers on a fast-paced adventure that looks at humanity, demons, prophecy, and salvation.

YA and Up | Fiction, Christian, Futuristic | Science-Fiction | Prophecy