Josiah’s Gift now available in paperback and ebook (Kindle)


Josiah’s Gift, the newest release from WhiteStone Publishing, is now available in print (paperback edition available here and here) and ebook (Kindle) edition (available here). Rave reviews are coming in. The Kindle platform offers readability on a wide variety of mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

Coming soon: Josiah’s Gift: A heartfelt true story about ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances

Josiah's Gift, paperback w reflection

Acclaim for Josiah’s Gift:

“…One of those rare books that impacted me profoundly. And the twist at the end—I thought I saw it coming (and I was amazed at the thought), but then it went beyond….”
Doug Joseph, Bestselling Author of the Skyport Chronicles

Live, laugh, want, and weep with a young couple in their endearing true story about their journey of daunting choices and heartfelt decisions that eventually led to both misery and a miracle. In her powerful debut title, Sara McLeod masterfully touches heartstrings, evoking both laughter and tears, as she bestows dignity and hope to everyone who has ever bucked the societal norm to do what they felt in their heart to be right. While navigating an emotional minefield (and even a literal one as well!) David and Sara encounter unexpected twists of fate and, finally, an unimaginable capstone making this book one you simply must read.
Biographical, 172 pages, 20 illustrations

ISBN-10: 1628830042
ISBN-13: 978-1628830040
Release Date: December 7, 2013
Publisher: WhiteStone Publishing

About the author: Sara E. McLeod has worn many hats, the chiefest being that of wife of 27 years to her husband, David, and mother/home school educator to their now adult children. Living in the beautiful Napa Valley, she enjoys every season showcased by the rolling hills, arrayed with blankets of vineyards. A native northern Californian, Sara loves the moderate climate and close proximity to the Sierras for snow skiing, the breathtaking Pacific Ocean, and rich culture of nearby San Francisco.

Scapegoat: The Persecuted Jew – Now available!


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After millennia of hatred and prejudice, recent evidence shows a clever twist in the perpetuation of evil; a new “face” has been donned by those striving against their fellow man. Eye-opening and shocking, this needful book is now more pertinent than ever. Dr. Shaw illuminates the history, causes, and remedies for the societal cancer known as anti-Semitism. No matter where on the spectrum you are, whether expert or newcomer, you will be blessed, educated, and inspired by this groundbreaking tome. Society owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. Shaw for this excellent work.

Note: This is a newly revised, updated edition that includes a new chapter not previously published.

“Dr. Shaw in his acclaimed writings on Israel and the Jew gives us a comprehensive and an in-depth look into the areas of ancient and modern Judaism that provide for us a great resource…an informative narrative as well as an intriguing read!” —Rev. Dr. David M. Hudson, Superintendent, WV District, United Pentecostal Church International

“Throughout time, the Voice of God has cried out to those like the Jeremiahs, the Joels and the Ezekiels… ‘Watchman, what of the night?’ In those darkest of moments the prophets have set the trumpet to their mouth to declare the warning sound of alarm to those in danger. So has Dr. Shaw, in this compelling and scholarly work, given a clear, concise, clarion sound of alarm to warn of one of the greatest of evils—Anti-Semitism! As the words of these pages grip your heart, you too will feel the need to sound an alarm to your surrounding world politically, religiously and in community: Never Again!” —Rev. David J. Sagil, Director, Ministry Of Jewish Relations, affiliated with Multi-Cultural Ministries, United Pentecostal Church International

This book is part of the Winners Ministry library of resources. For event booking, orders, or more information, visit: or email Dr. Wesley G. Shaw at:

Coming soon: Scapegoat: The Persecuted Jew


Scapegoat: The Persecuted Jew by Wesley G. Shaw, Ph.D., is an excellent and helpful analysis of anti-Jewish prejudice—its history, causes, and remedies—written to both Jews and Gentiles by a Spirit-filled Jew.

Updates on Zach Sandy’s miracle

Zach receiving plaque proclaiming July 11, 2013 as "Zach Sandy Day"

Zach receiving plaque proclaiming July 11, 2013 as “Zach Sandy Day.”

This past Thursday, July 11, 2013, was the one-year anniversary of Zach’s miracle of being raised from the dead after being killed by lightning.

By a proclamation of the Harrison County Commission the date was officially declared as “Zach Sandy Day.” See more.

The Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram newspaper ran a front-page story noting the book launch and announcing the anniversary celebration. Read more.

WV Public Broadcasting aired Zach’s testimony in conjunction with the 1-year anniversary and announcing the book. Read/hear more. ran a pre-story and a main story in conjunction with the 1-year anniversary and announcing the book. Read more.

This morning, July 13, 2013, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN – home of the 700 Club) informed Zach’s father that the miracle testimony has been approved for filming to be aired on the network! The producers are excited about it! See more.

Russell Sandy, Zach’s father said, “Zach’s testimony has been approved for filming by CBN/700 club. Zach is going to tell the world that Jesus is alive and on the throne and still performing miracles!”

Zach with family and his pastor (yours truly) at Harrison County Courthouse, just after receiving plaque proclaiming July 11, 2013 as "Zach Sandy Day."

Zach with family and his pastor at Harrison County Courthouse, just after receiving plaque proclaiming July 11, 2013 as “Zach Sandy Day.”

Pastor Joseph re-presented proclamation to Zach at the anniversary celebration at the park.

Pastor Doug Joseph presented the proclamation plaque to Zach Sandy at the anniversary celebration at the park.

Join in the 1-Year Anniversary Celebration for Zach’s Miracle & Book Launch Party!


Thursday, July 11, 2013 will be exactly one year from the date when Zach was struck down by lightning and left without heartbeat or breath for some 30 or more minutes. His family, church, and friends are throwing a huge party on this 1-year anniversary in celebration of Zach’s miracle of being raised to life. Coinciding with the celebration will be the book launch party for the new book about Zach’s miracle, written by his father, Russell “Bud” Sandy (published by WhiteStone Publishing).

There will be food, fellowship, fun, music (perhaps live), and the new book will be available! The event is scheduled to go from 4:00 – 9:00 pm at Clarksburg City Park (aka Norwood Park) in Nutter Fort, WV. (There is a time of prayer and thanksgiving planned before the party from 2:30 to 3:00 pm.) The event is open to the public, and all are invited. Join us!

The author/publisher team will be on hand, with copies of the new book available. Zach Sandy is sure to be there, and although he gives all glory to God and takes none for himself, you might be able to talk him into signing a copy of the book for you!

Click and print the attached poster, and put it up wherever it be noticed. Help us gain attention for this wonderful event.

Coming Soon: In Lieu of Flowers, God Gave Us a Miracle!

In-Lieu-of-FLowers_Cover_FULL_ver-I_1575x2400Coming soon from WhiteStone Publishing: The true story of Zach Sandy being raised to life after a fatal lightning strike. Zach’s father has written the most powerful account of his experience of losing his youngest son (second of two boys) to a lightning strike, and then receiving his son back from the dead, after Zach was without breath or pulse for over half an hour. You’ll scarcely be able to believe it. The book is rounded out with an array of photos. From the harrowing events and the glorious miracle of renewed life to the challenges faced in recovery, your heart will be touched by this compelling story.


When Zach first awoke after the sedation wore off, one of the first things he did was reach for his father and say, “Pray.”

The author: Zach's Dad, aka Russell "Bud" Sandy

The author: Zach’s Dad, aka Russell “Bud” Sandy