Getting Started (for Authors)

Note: This site is for “Oneness Pentecostal” Apostolic authors. If you’re not sure whether your doctrinal beliefs are an adequate match for who and what we are, check the minimum qualifications. By continuing, you affirm that you meet those qualifications.

Easy steps to get your account & set up your Author Page:

  1. Register on this site. When you’ve read and you’re ready, GO REGISTER.
  2. Confirm your email address via the automated confirmation email.
  3. Edit your profile – fill in your Bio & adding info as desired.
  4. In your profile, set “Nickname” to this format: Lastname, Firstname.
  5. Also in your profile, set “Display name publicly as” to: Lastname, Firstname.
  6. Notify us by Facebook or email that you have joined and updated your profile.
  7. We will then upgrade your membership level to “Author.”

Step #7 will cause your name to appear on the Authors list page, in a clickable link to your public profile (your Author Page), which displays the info you supplied in step #3. This authorization also enables you to post articles here on the site, which can be either “blog” entries or promotional information about your books, or whatever is helpful.

More details:

When you first log in, you have access to your dashboard, with the ability to edit your profile. If you are not automatically taken to your profile edit page, then you can go there by logging in and clicking to A handy shortcut to that page is in the menu strip along the top of the page. Just click above where it says “Howdy, <username>” and choose “Edit My Profile.”

Whatever information you input into your dashboard profile (for instance, your “Bio,” etc) will automatically be made available to appear on your publicly displayed Author Page on the site.

In your profile, be sure to properly input your “Nickname” as “Last, First” format, and then select that as your “Display name publicly as” so that your name on the list of authors will sort by last name properly.

Q: “What version of my name should I use?”
A: Give your name just as it normally appears on your books. Again, that field called “display name publicly as” is how you are shown on this site’s list of authors.

By the way, posting something (such as a blog entry) here from time to time is a good thing to do. Copy and paste from your own blog if you need to. Once you’re logged in, just click “+New” > “Post” in the admin menu along the top of the page, or just click to here:

That’s about it for now. If you see something we’ve missed or something we’re messing up, please let us know either by Facebook or email.

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