The Real Deal Series

Breaking free from fear (anxiety), rejection and condemnation

Flight to Freedom

Growing in Christ is one of the most fundamental basics to being a Christian. While some people grow in God with unrelenting speed, others have been slowed or even stopped because they are in spiritual cages. Tormented by fear (anxiety), rejection and condemnation? If an animal is put in a 5′ x 5′ cage it learns to walk back and forth in the confines of that jail. After a while, when that animal is released, it will walk back and forth in that 5’x 5′ space because it does not know it is free.
The seemingly incessant nights of restless sleep; the anger, anxiety, guilt and even at times, suffering. Often the suffering is without a sound, and at other times it can be heard or seen by others. An unhappy look or outbursts of anger, a quiet countenance – where once was joy and exuberance, now resides hard, cold sadness. Have you ever felt like you are on a nonstop merry go round? You continue to wonder . . . when will it end, or how did I get here, and why is this happening to me?” There is victory . . . after a butterfly has broken through its cocoon, it takes its flight to freedom – be set free to live the life the Lord Jesus intended! Simple basic biblical principles will point you to the One who opened the cage for you. Take the step out of the cage by faith, you will no longer be bound, IF you so choose! This book is also available in a workbook and will available be in Spanish. For ordering information, email:

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