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Coming Soon: In Lieu of Flowers, God Gave Us a Miracle!

In-Lieu-of-FLowers_Cover_FULL_ver-I_1575x2400Coming soon from WhiteStone Publishing: The true story of Zach Sandy being raised to life after a fatal lightning strike. Zach’s father has written the most powerful account of his experience of losing his youngest son (second of two boys) to a lightning strike, and then receiving his son back from the dead, after Zach was without breath or pulse for over half an hour. You’ll scarcely be able to believe it. The book is rounded out with an array of photos. From the harrowing events and the glorious miracle of renewed life to the challenges faced in recovery, your heart will be touched by this compelling story.


When Zach first awoke after the sedation wore off, one of the first things he did was reach for his father and say, “Pray.”

The author: Zach's Dad, aka Russell "Bud" Sandy

The author: Zach’s Dad, aka Russell “Bud” Sandy